Power Testing

For those looking to find out more about their cycling abilities, how they can improve or what their training zones are, our Indoor Power Cycle studio has the facilities to conduct cycling tests. Run by our Exercise Physiologist our cycle tests are completed in a controlled environment, on our power based equipment and with immediate feedback. These tests not only provide objective data gauging your current cycling ability, but provides a platform for your training to know how to train and ride efficiently as well as effectively. Following the test we provide a thorough report detailing your results from the test, what the data means and how to interpret the data to apply it in the real world. We currently have the following tests available in our studio:

  • Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Test & Analysis
  • Power Profile Test & Analysis
  • Pedal Stroke Analysis

Click on the options to the right to read more about what each test entails. If you would like to book in for a testing or to find out more about any of these tests please contact us. *Tests completed with our Exercise Physiologist are eligible for Private Health Fund Rebates. Please refer to your Private Health Fund to find out whether you are eligible for rebates.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test & analysis

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) refers to the maximal power output that an athlete can sustain over a 60 min period. Its is an important test for anyone who wants to use their cycling power meter effectively. The purpose of an FTP is to establish a wattage that corresponds closely to your lactate threshold when cycling. You can then use your FTP to determine specific training power training zones that can be used to optimise your training sessions and racing strategy. An FTP test is non-invasive and provides you with your training power profile. Our protocol requires approximately 60 mins and allows us to accurately determine your FTP. Your FTP wattage will change according to your training and fitness levels. Frequent testing every 6-8 weeks, during both off-season and race season, will allow you to track changes in your FTP and adjust your training programs accordingly. Following your FTP test and power file analysis, we will provide you with the following:

  • Power Training zones & corresponding heart rate zones
  • Triathlon specific race zones
  • Brief training guide on how and when to use your training zones (if required)

Benefits of a Functional Threshold Power Test (FTP Test):

  • You, or your coach can use the data to prescribe detailed training sessions to plan and monitor your training structure.
  • You can accurately prepare for specific triathlon race distances knowing how to evenly pace the bike split and still run well off the bike.
  • You can monitor your training improvements over time
  • You can accurately determine you current fitness and performance levels
  • The data collected from the test will be used to set your threshold power during Onebody Power Cycle sessions in the Indoor Cycling studio

FTP_Test_Power_File An example of the 20min effort in a Onebody FTP test that is used to calculate functional threshold power for an athlete as seen in a training peaks file analysis.

Power Profile test & analysis

Are you more of a Sprinter or a Time Triallist? Ok responding to attacks but don’t feel you have the ability to attack yourself and stay away?

Sprinters at the 2015 Tour de France - Onebody Health & Fitness power profile testing for cyclists
Team Time Trialling by BMC Racing - Onebody Health & Fitness power profile testing for triathletes & cyclists








The Onebody Power Profile & Analysis identify’s the type of rider you are and where you are strongest, as well as key areas of your riding to work on. A Power Profile test looks at your ability over various timed efforts such as short explosive sprints, 1 minute and 10 minute efforts. It is an effective way of finding a cyclists strengths and weaknesses and applying specific training to overcome them. From there, your training can be adapted to focus on key aspects to develop your Power Profile whether it be Neuromuscular Power, VO2 max or FTP to improve your performance in races such as Criteriums, Road Racing or Time Trialling. We recommend re-testing every 8-12 weeks during a regular training phase.


Power Profile Test

Pedal Stroke analysis

Analysis of your pedalling stroke is an essential part of improving your cycling performance efficiency and performance. Utilising our Pedal Stroke analysis software combined with our power based training equipment we’re able to measure the following features of your pedalling stroke.

  • Left/Right Percentage Power Splits
  • The power output through a full 360 revolution of your pedal stroke
  • The torque and power produced in 15 segments of your 360 pedal stroke
  • Identify the “dead” or “flat” spots in your pedal stroke where optimal power is not being transferred to the drive train
  • All our data is recorded in real time allowing you to see the changes in your pedaling stroke while you watch. This allows us to provide education and feedback on your pedaling action to help improve your efficiency and maximise your performance.

You will receive a post consultation data report containing:

  • A polar graph of your pedaling action
  • Left/Right Data Analysis
  • Graph data of your torque output in 15 segments of your 360 pedal stroke
  • Recommendations on how to improve your pedalling technique including recommended drills

Spin Scan pedal stroke analysis graph by Onebody Health and Fitness power cycle studio