Indoor Power Cycle Studio

Our Indoor Cycling sessions in Castle Hill, Norwest Sydney allows you to use your own bike for the most specific training option available indoors. We use a multirider system of Computrainers combined with the latest software to provide you with power based resistance at the optimal level to improve your performance.
To give you an opportunity to try Onebody Power Cycle we’d like to offer you a FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSION. Just call or email us to arrange your session.

What to Expect:

  • A training session that delivers power based intervals that matches your power profile and ability level
  • Your data displayed on the screen in real time including power, cadence, HR and advanced power metrics
  • Large HD screens and the latest in cycling/triathlon & sports entertainment to watch during sessions
  • Friendly support coaches to give you feedback and advice during sessions

Each rider in the centre has their own power profile maintained within our system to ensure that every session matches their own ability level and delivers the optimal power levels for them to improve. The power based resistance on each bike trainer is adjusted to suit your ability and as you get stronger the resistance is increased. A real-time display of information for each rider is displayed throughout the session to see how you’re going. These indoor cycle workouts avoid the effects of weather or traffic and each session is monitored throughout to ensure you get the best training results possible. Indoor Power Cycle provides optimal training conditions and objective data to help you improve.

Indoor Power Cycle Session Pricing:

Unlimited Power Cycle Session Membership – $34/wk 

Power Cycle once a week – $21/wk 

Single Ride – $40 per session 

For anyone looking to ride 2 or more sessions per week, a Power Cycle Membership is the most cost effective way to train as it entitles you to unlimited Power Cycle Sessions. If you’re interested in this option please call us to arrange your membership. Online bookings are available once we have confirmed your membership.