Cyclists & Triathletes

19 sessions a week to help you get your power on, check the schedule for more info

Real time data

Ride professional courses with all your data on-screen as you train

Use your own bike

Your bike, your riding position, our trainers, real power output

Indoor Power Cycle Studio

Our Indoor Cycling sessions in Castle Hill, Northwest Sydney allows you to use your own bike for the most specific training option available indoors. We use a multi-rider system of Computrainers combined with the latest software to provide you with power based resistance at the optimal level to improve your performance. More about Power Cycle & what to expect when you train with us >>

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Training structure

For serious race preparation and special sessions, we also provide course simulation sessions for major and famous races. Sessions include simulating stages of the Tour de France and Ironman Kona. We also offer customised special course sessions for key races such as Age Group World Championships, Three Peaks Cycling Events and International races.

  • Overall Functional Threshold Power
  • Anaerobic Capacity
  • Maximal Aerobic Power
  • Lactate Threshold
  • Neuromuscular power
  • Criterium racing
  • Pacing strategies
  • VO2 max

Onebody Power Cycle studio location

favOnebody Health & Fitness
Unit 16, 9 Hoyle Avenue
Castle Hill, NSW 2154
+61 2 8677 5605